About our Projects

Raukawa Traditional History Book

Over the years the Raukawa Trust Board and the Raukawa Settlement Trust have compiled a significant corpus of research in respect to portions of the history of Raukawa.  That research focused upon specific themes that helped to support our settlement negotiations and was not designed to reflect “the Raukawa story”.  Now that settlement has been achieved it is opportune to reflect on the oral and historical traditions of the iwi utilising extant research and the memories of uri members today.  The book will focus upon the invisibilisation of the iwi at the hands of the Crown and our eventual re-emergence as a powerful nation.


Iwi Traditional Research

The Kākano Whakatupu team had been tasked to write a variety of research reports.  These reports included;

  1. Kaunihera Kaumātua – A history of engagement between the Raukawa Trust Board and the Raukawa Settlement Trust with the Kaunihera Kaumātua.
  2. Wisdom –v- knowledge – A mātauranga Māori dissertation on the mechanics of wisdom and knowledge from a Raukawa perspective.
  3. Pārāwera School – A cultural assessment of the Rights of First Refusal (RFR)
  4. Ōrākau – Raukawa traditional mana o te whenua associations.


Taonga Tūturu Project

Currently the Raukawa Settlement Trust and the Raukawa Charitable Trust are registered as holders of taonga tūturu and are certified to hold ancient taonga on behalf of the Crown.  Currently the RST/RCT hold a number of taonga found within our takiwa.  The taonga are housed and displayed at the Raukawa Charitable Trust offices.